September 01-17, 1939 - Invasion of Poland


September 01-17, 1939 - Invasion of Poland

Source: polandgallery

As if this would be not enough for Poland, this happened….

September the 17th, 1939 - Soviet invasion after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pakt.


September 1, 1939. News; The Topeka Daily Capital

75 years ago WW2 started.


September 1, 1939. News; The Topeka Daily Capital

75 years ago WW2 started.

Source: polandgallery

Russian Army’s First Orders in Occupied Ukrainian Lands: Speak Only Russian. Or Else.

Upon occupying Ukrainian town of  Novoazovsk in Donbass Oblast Russian troops wasted no time and distributed printed instructions among the populace. According to RNBO‘s spokesperson Andriy Lysenko, these materials instruct the locals how they should behave from now on.

Here is what your life should look like if you happened to be in “liberated” territory:

1. Under no circumstances you should obstruct the free movement of Russian troops (vehicles and personnel).

2. Show your friendly intent to Russian troops. show them how happy you are to see them.  Remember, they are here to liberate you from terrorists serving in illegal Ukrainian army.

3. In liberated territory, communicate in Russian only, so that Russian peacekeepers would not misunderstand your intentions.

4. Prepare the lists of persons serving in Ukrainian army, participants of Maidan, activists of civil rights groups and leaders of ethnic minority groups and give these lists to the FSB (modern Russian KGB) during the peacekeeping operations.

5. Be ready to vacate your appartments and other living quarters to provide living space for the Russian Army members.

6. Follow the curfew and inform local military police of Russian Federation about those, who break the curfew.

7. Citizens helping to locate and capture Ukrainian terrorists will be allowed additional rations and privileges.

8. Believe: the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation guarantees your safety. No one will be shot for nothing.

Remember: peacekeeping forces of Russian Federation act in accordance with Geneva convention of 1949.



Troopers from Russia's 76th Pskov Airborne Division suddenly disappeared on August. 15-16 in Ukraine.

Russian troopers came under air strike, and the remnants of them was destroyed by 24th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Iron Brigade) and Odessa battalion MIA “Storm”.

Russia doesn’t comment on their disappearance and insists that there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Those people just… disappeared. It happens, no big deal.

In the end the bodies of these soldiers were sent back to Russia. Officially most of them died “during a maneuver in a mysterious explosion”. And the rest of them died…(it’s funny, but it’s not) from a heart attack!

Watch also this video - It’s creepy like Left4Dead.

Journalists from the television channel “ДОЖДЬ” (“Rain”) try to get to the Pskov cemetery, were these soldiers were buried. They’re being chased and attacked by titushkas who try to cut the tires of their car. That’s how Kremlin tries to hide the truth from Russian people.


I’m so sorry about abandoning tumblr. I’m ok:) (I live in Kiev, that’s northern part Ukraine, the war is still in the east).

Please, forgive me for not writing back. I replied with a novel to each note, but then I thought.. Nah it’s too much. I don’t want to bother you with this stuff… I really want to! I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE FUCKERY THAT IS GOING ON HERE But I hold myself back.. But I really, I really miss you all! And I’m happy that most of you didn’t unfollow me…

I miss my fellow artists!

I miss my klokateers, the Metalocalypse fandom!

I miss my speakeasy, the Boardwalk Empire fandom!

I miss writing in English.. XD Especially ranting and joking with my speakeasy.

I really miss drawing…

I feel very bad about it, since I still didn’t finish stuff I promised for so many people..

But please, don’t forget about me! Hope to talk to you soon.



Map of the Ukraine-Russia conflict (you can zoom in): [x]

The red spots in annexed Crimea, around the border of Ukraine and Transnistria show large concentration of Russian troops.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting invaders from Russia in Ilovaysk. [video: link]


Meanwhile in my Ukraine…

3:08 “Ahmet!! Ahmet, show yourself, BITCH!”



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